Resin & ResinCrete Care

What is Resin?

Resin is a solid or highly viscous substance of plant or synthetic origin. Resin is highly versatile, durable, and can be used for many reasons. 

Resin Care:

Resin is a durable substance once completely cured. Depending on the product and thickness of Resin, in high heat temperatures Resin can become pliable. With all Resin products, we recommend avoiding high heat temperatures. If the product is exposed to high heat and becomes pliable, form it back to its original shape then place the piece in a cool room or even under cold water. Once the product of Resin is placed in cool temperatures or cold water, the Resin will then harden again. **This is NOT a defect of Resin; this is simply the nature of Resin itself.

** Resin is NOT scratch proof, avoid using abrasive cloths on all Resin products especially the Resin Coasters.

Resin is NOT food safe, NOT microwave safe, and NOT dishwasher safe. 

What is ResinCrete?

ResinCrete is a water-based casting Resin. ResinCrete is food safe, non-toxic, and heat resistant up to 392°F. ResinCrete has Zero VOCS, Odor Free, BPA free, Non-Toxic, and Non-flammable. 

ResinCrete Care:

Each ResinCrete product is sealed with a natural wax made for stone & concrete or an Acrylic Spray, making it water resistant, however NOT 100% waterproof. Avoid submerging the ResinCrete product under water. Avoid using abrasive cloths on the product. ResinCrete is NOT dishwasher safe and is NOT microwavable safe.  If there is a stain on the Resincrete product such as coffee or wine, wipe it off immediately to avoid the potential of the Resincrete product begin stained.